I am Milli. I am a kitty. I am a silly. I am silly Milli kitty and this is my blog.

Hello. I am Milli Kitty. I am sweet and irresistible - just ask my family - especially Buttercup Kitty! (hehe) =^.^=

My favorite girl, Sarah, left for college yesterday. I am writing this blog to keep in touch with her.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hello again

so i can't quite blog as frequently as i would like. i start but then i just get too darn distracted by the mouse.  i am, after all, a cat.  and i just cant ignore that darn mouse.  momma says that i have ADHD.  this i believe.

so i want to add videos and stories and photos to the blog.  a fav i want to post is KITTENS! Inspired by Kittens!

But first, CATS! Inspired by KITTENS! Inspired by Kittens.

CATS! Inspired by KITTENS! Inspired by Kittens!

And now... KITTENS! Inspired by Kittens!

KITTENS! Inspired by Kittens!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Supporting Cast

Okay friends and fans I think it is time I introduce you to some of the other key players around here.  Of course, I am the one, the only Milli Kitty, and a SUPERSTAR! However, here are some of the supporting cast members. 

But first, let me tell you some of the wonderful things there are to know about me.  Well, I love weekends and holidays.  It is when my people (aka my servants) are home more.  This gives them the good fortune to play and snuggle with me more frequently and for longer duration than during the week.  Sometimes, my girl Sarah even pops by.  Weekends and holidays are the best!

I also like to play fetch.  Momma will throw a toy and if I feel like it I will run get it and, yes, bring it back so she can throw it again!  Sometimes I will even bring her a string or something if she isn't paying me enough attention so that she will get the hint and play with me.

I wish I could get Buttercup and Black Cat to play with me.  They are such old fuddy-duddies sticks-in-the-mud. I run, I pounce, I attack... and they take me so seriously... "hiss, hiss this and hiss, hiss that"  I just want to play already.  Speaking of the "others".  Here they are...

Here is the Buttercup Kitty.  And yes, I can admit she is quite the "looker" if you are into the fluffy type.

Momma says Buttercup is a "lover not a fighter" and for me to stop picking on her.  I can't help it.  Chasing her is so fun.  She likes to chase sunbeams and laser light and to sleep and to snuggle with momma and daddy. 

Here is the big BC - Black Cat Kitty.  He's big, he's bad...(good bad) yet he runs from little ol me.  I like the guy (a lot if I have to admit it).  I just wish he would stop hissing and play with me.

Daddy is right, Momma needs to take more photos of Black Cat!  His photos are significantly (p < 0.05) fewer than those of me and those of Buttercup. Black Cat likes the great outdoors.  He likes to hunt for gifts for the family.  In my eyes he is a rock star. 

Of course, I can't leave without a Daily Milli photo.  This one is was taken by my favorite photographer, you know who, my girl Sarah.

Ready?  Wait for it... wait for it... 

I can hear the collective "OH HOW ADORABLE!!!" from across the northern hemisphere.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daily Milli Day - Does anyone really know what day it is?

Each day begins with me looking darn cute. 


Then I like to eat, play and chase Buttercup.Sometimes I like to snuggle. I also like to hide things from momma.  I have several of her pens.  I also took one of her socks from the bottom of the stairs to the upstairs guest room.  It was funny when she couldn't find it later.  I am a little mischievous sometimes. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Daily Milli Day 9

My girl Sarah came home this weekend!

She had to come see me- 'cause I am so darn cute and irresistible!  We celebrated my 4 month old birthday by snuggling and playing and playing and snuggling some more.  I had a yummy fish and shrimp cake topped with cream cheese icing - my favorite! Buttercup and Black Cat did not help blow out the candles.  We still have to take turns in different parts of the house.  Momma says I need to learn my manners and not harass the other kitties as much.  I say the other kitties need to learn that there is a new sheriff in town and her name is Milli Kitty!

In honor of my 4 month birthday I will post some photos of me through the months...

My first day

aw, i is cute!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily Milli Day 4

Yesterday I helped momma with her yoga.  She kept forgetting her poses and couldn't help but to play with me instead... 'cause I am so darn cute. Momma says she is gonna use the yoga app that Sarah downloaded for her.  That Sarah is so darn smart!

 Today, I begged for some of the stuff that momma was making for her dinner and guess what?  I like avocados!  But not as much as I like CHEESE! Oh, and I definitely don't like oranges!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Daily Milli Day 2

Okay.  So I know I won't be able to write every day, so "Daily" Milli is probably a stretch but it is difficult to type without thumbs and with these pads on my paws but "Daily Milli" just sounded much better than "Weekly Milli" so there.

Today, my good friend Robert Potts came to see me.  He has such a crush on me (but who doesn't - I am the amazing Milli!). I showed him how to chase Buttercup up the stairs.  Later on lots of the family came by.  Aunt Suzanne, Uncle Curtis, Uncle Larry, Great Nonnie, and Cousins Mariam, Jamie, Paige and new baby Collin.  They all told me over and over how cute I am (I know!) as I looked out upon the mear mortals from my perch on the steps.  I don't understand why Buttercup hides and misses out on all this craziness.  These people are crazy!  But I like silliness so I watch them do this and that. 

Momma is loving the Eat, Love, Pray book she is reading.  I keep trying to eat it.

Too much action today.  I think I will curl up for a much needed nap. 

Love to my favorite gal!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daily Milli Day 1

Yesterday, my girl Sarah, moved away to college.  She will have a wonderful time there but I know she will miss me cause I am so darn cute so I will try to keep her up to date with my 'going-ons' and what-not.

After the momma and papa got home from Tuscaloosa, momma played with me upstairs.  We watched Say Yes to the Dress- Altanta.  Mostly, we just played and snuggled.  About midnight Black Cat went outside and momma opened the downstairs.  I had run of the house all night except for Buttercup's bedroom.  I slept in a bit this morning in one of my favorite places - under SS's dresser. 

Since then I've been running around the house pouncing here and there.  I tried to eat momma's computer and the telephone cord.  I like teasing momma with jumping on the table when she and papa are trying to eat.  I also like to try to eat whatever any of the people are eating.  My favorite is cheese.  Sarah always let me eat her food.  Momma and papa won't let me so much. 

I am almost four months old and I am darn cute. 

Happy Day One